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DIY Letter and Patch Instructions:

There are three options for application - iron-on, glue-on or sew-on!

Iron-on Application

When affixing patches to heat-safe garments, make sure you have the following items:

  • Iron
  • Hard Surface
  • Piece or cutting of cotton fabric or wax paper

Place the letters or icons on the desired area. Using medium heat on the iron, cover patches with the heat-safe material and iron for 30 seconds with firm pressure. Turn the garment or item inside out and iron again on the backside where the patch is placed still using the heat-safe material in between the iron and the item for another 30 seconds. Let the patch completely cool before moving. Repeat the above steps 5-6 times for the best application results. Once cool, wear or use as desired!

Fabric Glue Application

When affixing to non-heat safe items, make sure you have the following items:

  • Fabric glue (these are sold at crafts stores or major retailers like amazon)
  • Hard Surface
  • Weighted item

Apply glue to the backside of the letter or icon patch and then place in the desired area on item. We recommend applying a weighted item on top of the patch on a smooth/hard surface while the glue dries. Please allow ample time for patches to dry completely before use. Be sure to read additional instructions on the glue you purchased as instructions might vary by brand.

Sew-on Application

To permanently affix these patches after iron-on or glue application, we recommend you hand stitch or machine sew patches onto garments or items. We especially recommend this application on items that will be washed frequently.

Care Instructions

If applied by glue alone, we do not recommend washing the item. If applied by iron alone, we recommend hand washing or cold machine wash on the most gentle cycle. To ensure your patch withstands multiple washes please permanently affix by hand-sewing.