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Whatever you need to carry — books, laptop, baby items, hiking gear — Marleylilly’s got you covered. We have an excellent selection of backpacks in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and fabrics, including leather. But at Marleylilly, we also believe that besides being practical, a backpack should be attractive and stylish, which is why we put special care into all our designs. In fact, our backpacks hit the fashion mark so well, you’ll be excited to walk out the door with one of them over your shoulders.

To Each Their Own Backpack

Our lives and activities keep us busy — sometimes too busy. Many of us leave in the morning and don’t return home until after dark, so it’s necessary that we bring everything we need with us for long days at work or school. That’s why backpacks are the perfect solution for having everything for the day on hand. Depending on who you are, what you do and what you like, we offer backpacks sized from small — our “mini” backpacks — to others that are large enough to hold your laptop and your textbooks, pens and pencils, water bottle, snacks, etc. To protect your items, we use durable, high-quality materials, and we include designs with plenty of pockets and separate zippered compartments. Of course, this also helps keep you organized.

The Elegance is in the Details

In addition to being functional, looks and style are major considerations in designing our backpacks. We offer a variety of colors, patterns and features such as casual cinch closures, extra carrying handles, cording embellishment and front convenience pockets. We even have a backpack that can double as a purse with one simple zip. The most popular feature, of course, is our authentic Marleylilly monogramming, done in the font and color of your choice. Now, with all of this, what more could you possibly want from a backpack? Except, well — you may want to purchase two or three if you can’t decide on just one from our amazing collection.