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Monogrammed Gifts & Customized ApparelMonogrammed Gifts & Customized Apparel

Monogrammed Extra Flaps for Crossbody

  • straw bamboo extra flap for monogrammed crossbody bag
  • spring monogrammed interchangeable flaps bamboo twill and glitter
  • gold glitter crossbody bag with shoes outside
  • glitter gold crossbody bag close up with monogram
  • interchangeable flaps for monogrammed crossbody bag on white wood
  • black twill interchangeable monogrammed crossbody bag
  • straw monogrammed crossbody bag with jean jacket and watch
  • interchangeable monogrammed straw crossbody bag with girl in jean jacket
  • black twill crossbody interchangeable monogrammed purse

Monogrammed Extra Flaps for Crossbody

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Customize your Monogrammed Interchangeable Crossbody with these extra personalized flaps! Choose between straw, black and tan twill, and a gold glitter option! To change the flap on your crossbody, simply unsnap the two snaps in the back of the purse and replace it with your new flap! It's the perfect way to change your crossbody's look to go perfectly with any outfit. This item comes with the flap only.