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Monogrammed Sun Hat

  • monogrammed sun hat in pink
  • monogrammed sun hats
  • monogrammed sun hat in pink
  • Monogrammed Sun Hat

Monogrammed Sun Hat

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This adorable floppy sun hat is the perfect accessory for your next beach trip or horse race! Monogrammed in your choice of thread color! The personalized hat is about 17 inches in diameter and 22.5 inches around the head. There is no wire in this hat. Please note that the straw material of this hat may show slight imperfections and gaps, it is a woven straw hat so the weave will not be 100% perfect. For a denser weave hat, we suggest the Monogrammed Derby Hat. The base color of the hat is a light khaki color! Check out our monogram necklaces and monogrammed totes to complete your look!