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Monogrammed Gifts & Customized ApparelMonogrammed Gifts & Customized Apparel

Monogrammed Phone Case

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Monogrammed Phone Case

Micro Leather
In Stock
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Santa Paws with Card PocketSanta Paws with Card Pocket
Pineapple with Card PocketPineapple with Card Pocket
Stripe with Card PocketStripe with Card Pocket
Pineapple Toile with Card PocketPineapple Toile with Card Pocket
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Personalize your cell phone with this Monogrammed Phone Case. This custom phone case is foil stamped with your initials on the bottom center of the back of the case. This cute phone case would be a great monogrammed gift for any preppy girl! Made of micro leather.

Please note that the only difference between the 6/6s and 7 iPhone models is the camera. Please note you must order the correct size for your phone (ex. 7+ for the 6/6S+ or 7 for the 6/6s). See third image for more details! Most of our images show the 6 or 6s in the cases!